How to Increase your website traffic

15 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

Want to get good traffic from Google?
In this post, I am going to give you 15 tips to increase your website traffic.

Several new websites offer different services or sell their products on their website and struggle to get a good amount of traffic on to their website as they are new and google goes for regular updates and google algorithm changes which they are not aware of. What should the new websites do in such a challenging scenario then? 
This post will help new website owners on how to increase website traffic and get their potential users or customers to their website and help your website to rank on Google.

To Increase Website Traffic Instantly you need to understand Google’s Algorithm and some suitable keywords related to their website and help to drive traffic on their website

Generating traffic on your website is not very difficult; you can increase traffic using these techniques and grow your traffic on the website and how you can optimize each source of traffic.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Use Attractive Blog title

BLOG title

Catchy and Attractive title is the best way to get more users and traffic on your website.

Blog Title attracts the user to click on your blog and read your post.

Catchy Title increases the CTR and drives more traffic to your website and more clicks help google to rank your website fast as it shows the more Clicks on your website the more relevant is your website to rank on Google, many blogger use this strategy to drive a good amount of visitors in a week.

Why to use Catchy or Attractive Title ?

Users are in a hurry to get their results on google so if your Website or Blog Title is Catchy and attracts the user which actually works for them and entices them to click on your website.

If you notice Attractive Titles is very important and plays a crucial on Social Media as well.
No one clicks on your link on social media. If you don’t have an Eye Catchy headline which attracts a user.

Some Tips to Write Attractive and Great Headline

  1. Use Keywords – In Article use your shortlisted and focused keywords related to your article so they help google to find out what a user is looking for on web search.
  2. Make your Title Easy to Read– If your title is easy to read and be understandable by the users then only the user will click on your website and spend time reading your blog
  3. Use Numbers– Using numbers is the best strategy to drive visitors because people like the post contains numbers and in a few steps, solve their problem like- “10 Ways to grow on Instagram Organically” this type of article will create curiosity in the users to click and read the blog and spend on it.
  4. Add Interesting Words– Use the number of Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword which will help you to drive traffic.

2. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is a very important factor when it comes to ranking a website or blog on google On-page SEO is also known as (onsite SEO). Common On-page SEO includes optimizing title tags, content, URLs, and internal links.

Why On-page SEO is Important ?

On-page SEO helps search engine to understand website content and helps to identify whether it is a relevant search query by the user on the Search engine

In On-page SEO, there are many factors which you can use and rank your website on 1st page of Google search engine.

There are many factors that can help you to rank, I Want to share some important factors which will help to optimize your website or blog and help your get traffic and rank on google.

Let’s Dive in,

Title Tag- If you use your targeted keywords in H1, H2 tags, so they help google crawler to find your main keyword in your title and helps you to improve your optimization.

Meta Description- Add meta description, which helps the users to understand your website or post.

URL Structure- The URL structure should be short and contain 3-5 words and URL should not contain a number, letters special characters ( { * & ^ % #).

High Quality Post- Make Quality Post and try to educate and give knowledge to the first time users and convert them into your audience.

Readability- The user should be able to read your post and understand what are you trying to educate or give knowledge on.

Optimize your content with LSI keywords- LSI keywords are words and phrases related to your target keyword.

For example, let’s say you wrote a blog on Digital Marketing.

LSI keywords would be

Digital marketing tips
Social media marketing
Search engine optimization
Search engine marketing
Content marketing

Website Speed– Website speed is one of the most important factors of On-Page SEO if the user makes a query on the Google search box and clicks on your website and your website speed is low, so the user will go back to the search result page and this increases the bounce rate of your website and decrease your Google ranking.

Here you can check the Full Loaded Time which is 1.3 seconds for this website

website speed report
Check your Website Speed here

3. Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is the best way to use to increase your ranking on Google

Off-page SEO simply tells Google what other people think of your site. If any other website is linking to your website with high authority domain authority search engine assumes that you’ve got great content and it’s valuable to the users.

I will discuss more and some of the important factors on Off-Page SEO which will help your website to rank on Google Search.

Backlinks- The number and the high-quality backlinks helps your website to rank on Google, you have to focus on building high quality backlinks with high domain authority website.

Content- Content is the king as it is stated and its true if you have good content on your website which makes the users stop and read and the more of sessions duration on the website is one of key for the website to rank. Adding keywords in your content is very important.

Social Networking- People spend more time surfing on social media platforms. A good strategy is to engage and leverage your social networks and increase reach on your content.

Blog Promotion- Blog promotion is the way to promote your blog and drive traffic on to your blog on website such as Quora and Reddit.

4. Retarget Visitors with Facebook Ads

Re-targeting visitors with Facebook Ads can drive your traffic and sales to your website or blog.

Many Bloggers use re-targeting ads to drive traffic and sales and you will find that CPC(Cost per Click) is very cheap than any other advertising platform like (Google Adwords)

Visitors who visit your website once, target them again with the help of Custom Audience will help to increase Website traffic.

custom audience-retarget visitors

5. Publish Long Articles

Writing long articles is easy, but to make the user stay and read your article on your website or blog that content is known as Quality Content.

Shareable posts are long articles more than 1000 words, Longer the article gets more shares on social media platforms

According to Buzzsumo Long Content gets more shares. Focus on writing long content and quality content to drive traffic to your website and blog.

long content shares

6. Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are those words which are specific to your niche or to whatever you are selling.

Focus on Long Tail Keywords for your articles it helps your website to rank.

Many new bloggers should focus on long-tail keywords to get a good amount of traffic on your website. Long-tail keywords can help affiliate marketers to earn money through their website.

7. Create a Youtube Channel

If you want to drive traffic to your website and want to earn money online Start a Youtube Channel.

Create practical videos which will help your users to solve the problems and Videos are the best way to understand and educate the audience.

Make a video which is relevant to your blog, which will you to drive traffic and help you to brand yourself.

Here you can listen to my Podcast on How to grow a Youtube Channel.

8. Answer on Quora

Quora is a Q&A site where anyone can ask their questions and anyone can answer them.

Quora is the website where you directly promote your website and drive traffic to your website or Blog. You can respond to any questions related to your niche and by answering questions you can help people on find their solution.

Does Quora sends quality traffic and get sales to the website ?

The answer to this is: Yes

Answer Quora to increase website traffic

Links from Quora do not help in SEO ranking its just helps you to drive traffic from Quora to your Website.

Tips to Generate on Quora

  1. Answer Questions related to your niche/industry
  2. Find Popular Questions.
  3. Embed a tracking pixel to track your website traffic from Quora
  4. Make your answer easy to understand write in simple English.
  5. Do not Copy Paste your answer.
  6. Include images.
  7. Tell a story.

9. SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is an SEO ranking factor on Google, It does not help to get traffic to your website.

Google check if the website is safe and secure and then only rank on Google.

SSL Certificate makes your website from http:// to https:// this makes the website secure and this is an indication to Google and the audience that this website is trusthworthy.

10. Guest Post

Guest Blogging is also known as “Guest Posting” is a term which means writing and publishing content for the third party website to get a link from their website and build a relationship and create authority.

Many Bloggers do guest post to increase traffic, grow online audience , target new audience and get Backlinks to their blog.

Guest Posting is the way to create a network with the bloggers and get quality backlinks which will help you to rank on Google.

11. Update Content

Update Outdated Content for your blog rather than publishing a new content and drive more traffic to your blog.

Use Good Infographic, Featured image, External links, and Internal links which will make the content updated, and Google can crawl your blog and get new sources of information go give out to people.

Add new keywords that are relevant to your blog and article which can help you to get visible on Google and Share the new updated blog on Social media to drive traffic and get Backlinks.

12. Commenting on Others Blog

Commenting on other people’s blogs will help you have a good network with bloggers and help you to drive traffic to your blog.

Always genuine comment is appreciated and get your comments noticed by the right people. Comment relevant to the blog topic and keep the comment conversational.

Don’t try to spam links in the comments section it is considered as a spam.

13. Post Video Content or Podcast

Posting video or adding podcast on your blog will maintain the user retention and reduce bounce rate on your Blog.

Users like to watch Video or like to listen to Audio and which is in a small format of content talking about the whole blog topic.

Using Podcast you can drive traffic to your website and you can record the blog topic as your podcast episode and add it to your blog and add few pointers about the blog topic.

Share your podcast on all the social media platforms and promote through your Facebook and Instagram ads.

14. Promote Your Content

Promote your content on online communities which is relevant and where your audience is active.

You can promote your Content on communities:

  1. Facebook Groups
  2. Reddit
  3. Public Forums
  4. Make your Telegram group

You can drive traffic through these communities by sharing your blog in Facebook groups and stay connected and active in the group.

Create a Telegram Group and with a good amount of users and post-Digital Marketing and your Blog related posts to educate your users.

15. Add Social Share Plugin

Social share plugin

Use Social Share Plugin to drive traffic to your website from social media. Use the social share plugin which will help to share people your blog on social media platforms and reach more audience which will result you to have a good amount of traffic on your Blog.

Which Plugin to use for Social Share ?

I would recommend use Super Socializer or Social Pug. I am using Super Socializer and it is a great tool having many different platforms which you choose and I have selected Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Whatsapp.

Go Ahead and Follow top 15 Ways to increase your website traffic

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I hope this post have helped you to know that how to increase your website traffic some these 15 tricks for your website/Blog.

Tell me your Best tip out of these 15 ways which you will definitely use for your blog or website to increase the traffic in the comment section ?


Let me know if you have any best way to increase the website traffic ?

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